An Australian Teenager Speaks Out

Dear Sara,

I am 14 and homework burdens me ridiculously.

Below is a timeline of how overburdened today’s high school students are. Showing this to people (you have permission to alter or use it) may show them how packed everything is. Some details may differ from student to student but it is still reasonably accurate:

7:00–get up
7:30–leave for bus
Approx 8:15–arrive at school
3:00–leave school
3:30–get home; start homework
6:00–finish homework; eat dinner
6:30–finish dinner and go to sport/other activity
8:00–arrive home and do chores
8:15–finish chores and have “family time” ):
Relax or leisure until bed

As you can see, it’s pretty packed. You may not notice, but I haven’t even included a possible part-time job, social activities OR anything else.

The problem is that we just can’t fit anything more into everyday

I also believe part of the problem is that we get all the assignments at the same time

I don’t know how it is for you Americans but in Australia year 7 is HELL. We have primary and high school (Primary k-6), students are pounded and I have been pushed to breaking point.

Please keep up your efforts.

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