11 thoughts on “Lack of Sleep Affects Cognitive Development

  1. I work 60 hrs a week and go to college full time. I’m not going to say it is the teachers fault but this article is right. I’ve broke down so many times lately from being so overwhelmed. You just break down and cry because you have no time to relax let alone sleep. I don’t remember the last time I didn’t go to bed tossing and turning thinking about class or a test I need to get done. It’s exhausting!!


  2. homework affects family time, sleep, and free-time. students are not going to be able to get good grades if they don’t do homework. but, if they do their homework it mostly takes so long that they are not getting enough sleep. if they don’t have enough sleep they will not be prepared for the next day at school.


  3. A TEACHER is supposed to TEACH. How am I supposed to learn when a TEACHER gives me a useless assignment that takes all week to complete, and just ends up in nights of no sleep and anxiety?

    I end up spending less time with my family and have less free time overall.
    Sincerely, The Average Student


  4. I’m a middle school student and I have at least 4 hours taken away every night just for homework that barely helps me in class! It is so pointless to assign loads of homework to hard working students that already work their butts off during the 6 hrs. of school we already have!


  5. i work on a farm, run cross country (even out of season), am an active ffa member, active 4-H member, have my own sheep farm, plus i am very family oriented, oh and wait….. where’s the time for homework? well, i guess i’ll just have to tell all my mother sheep to hold off having their babies for at least two hours so i can finish that, oh and ask the cows to stay in while i finish my English assignment, and ever so politely ask the baby animals to wait for their bottles until late at night. well, clearly none of that is optional so thanks for the C’s on my report cards because i am clearly an irresponsible kid. sorry i value my physical needs, environmental needs, family needs and overall, i do have a life beyond the assignments the teachers give me. thank you ever so much to the teachers who truly believe i am just another lazy, po-dunk kid that disregards homework because i can. some of them won’t even take a half done assignment even though i stayed up until 2 in the morning, until i finally passed out at the dinner table. yeah, thanks, after all i am just a lazy kid aren’t i?


  6. I only know too well about this. A typical week for me will see me get three projects on a Monday, each requiring say, 2 hours of research, 3 hours of note taking, 3-4 hours of answering questions plus around about an hour or two worth of exam questions. It seems that there is a lack of co-ordination between subjects. A teacher may very well assume that 3 evenings is time enough to complete a 10-hour project, but when you’re so busy with other you cannot start it until 4pm after school the night before there’s a problem. On top of this are arduous extra classes forced on us, redundant projects, projects that could take even longer. It’s now 4.45am Friday morning. I have eaten food on Sunday and Thursday. I had four hours sleep Monday night and then three hours Wednesday afternoon. A few hours ago I fell asleep once again whilst doing work for about an hour. I haven’t been able to
    appreciate my life, the little things I love, and being a cater for my mother I’ve been neglecting her too. I’ve had too many times where I’ve missed two nights sleep, I’ve even fainted in class from pure exhaustion and I’m not the only one. It’s affected me academically and emotionally and I’ve become physically and mentally ill from doing school work about 19 hours a day (plus an hour or two for travel and procrastination). I am fed up of this education system. It needs to be fixed, but it won’t. And now time to go continue to pop pills, drink coffee and continue my questions booklet, should be finished by time school starts.


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