From My Mailbox–A Former Graduate Student Speaks Out

I received the following email from a former-graduate student: A Former Graduate Student Speaks Out I admire your mission. The subject of how I spent my life doing homework and what turned out to be worthless schooling is a subject I often cry and get angry about, but a past situation I would for oneContinue reading “From My Mailbox–A Former Graduate Student Speaks Out”

Guest Blogger–A College Teacher Says, “We Hold Their Hands Too Much”

Today’s guest blogger, K, has been teaching science at a small independent college for over a decade. She spends her leisure time learning from her three young boys. You can read more of her random thoughts at her blog: raisingthewreckingcrew. We Hold Their Hands Too Much by K, a College Teacher Having your teen carryContinue reading “Guest Blogger–A College Teacher Says, “We Hold Their Hands Too Much””

Guest Blogger–A Grad Student Speaks Out

Today’s guest blogger, Candace Hanson, is a graduate of Oral Roberts University and is currently studying Counseling at Valparaiso University. She is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. She just sent me the following piece a few days ago and her timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The Comments to Monday’s blog post are about this veryContinue reading “Guest Blogger–A Grad Student Speaks Out”

Guest Blogger–Homework Should be Relevant, Interesting, and Personal

Today’s guest blogger, Ben Kestner, is the Middle School Principal at the Berlin Brandenburg International School, where he initially started as curriculum coordinator for the IBO Middle Years Programme. He studied flute at the London College of Music and in Berlin with Andreas Blau and after spending time playing and teaching he pursued a careerContinue reading “Guest Blogger–Homework Should be Relevant, Interesting, and Personal”

Guest Blogger: First Grade in Public School Was Pure Torture

Today’s guest blogger, Tracy Stevens, is a former high school Spanish teacher who infrequently gave project-based homework to her students. Currently a telecom salesperson and the mother of two boys who attend private school after a difficult year in public elementary school, she is the author of, which is full of interesting interviews (includingContinue reading “Guest Blogger: First Grade in Public School Was Pure Torture”

Guest Blogger: A Life Without Homework

Today’s guest blogger is Maggie Jacobus, a former resident of suburban Milwaukee who moved her family to Costa Rica in search of a more relaxed life. A Life Without Homework by Maggie Jacobus I enjoyed your column in the Green Hour newsletter. I wanted to share with you briefly our story and what one canContinue reading “Guest Blogger: A Life Without Homework”

Moms (and Dads) on a Mission–Success in San Anselmo, California

Today’s guest blogger, Torri Chappell, from San Anselmo, California, is the mother of a college freshman and a high school sophomore. She is also a teacher. After a decade of advocating for schools to reexamine educational practices that undermine learning and discourage learners (excessive homework, meaningless homework, standardized tests, timed reading/math quizzes), she has finallyContinue reading “Moms (and Dads) on a Mission–Success in San Anselmo, California”

More from FedUp Mom: Conversations I Never Want to Have Again

This is the fifth post by FedUp Mom. You can read her other entries here, here, here and here. Conversations I Never Want to Have Again by FedUp Mom I went to a parents’ party at the Quaker school my kids are now attending and found myself increasingly frustrated. We are living in such aContinue reading “More from FedUp Mom: Conversations I Never Want to Have Again”

Moms (and Dads) on a Mission-Two Months into Toronto’s New Homework Policy

Today’s guest blogger, Frank Bruni, the moving force behind Toronto, Canada’s new, family-friendly homework policy, write about how the new homework policy is working. You can read Frank’s earlier entries here and here and here . The Price of Homework Reform is Eternal Vigilance by Frank Bruni The news from Toronto is good. Homework reformContinue reading “Moms (and Dads) on a Mission-Two Months into Toronto’s New Homework Policy”

Guest Blogger–Homework or Fearwork?

Today’s guest blogger, Angela Norton Tyler, is a teacher and parent from Sacramento, California. With a special focus on helping parents help their children become better students, Angela has put her energies into teaching parents how to improve the homework and reading skills of their children. In 2005, Angela published Tutor Your Child to ReadingContinue reading “Guest Blogger–Homework or Fearwork?”