California School District Abolishes Homework for Elementary and Middle School

The Helendale School District in California is instituting a no-homework policy for students in K-8th grade beginning this fall. According to vvdailypress, “First- through sixth-graders will complete any independent work during daily lessons, while seventh- and eighth-graders will get an added ‘homework time’ class period.” Which school district will be next?

Fourth Grade Teacher: “I Did Away With Reading Logs”

A few posts ago, I wrote about the blog of Angela Bunyi, a fourth grade teacher from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Ms. Bunyi then write to me: Thanks for sharing my article under Scholastic (Homework: Applying Research to Policy) and my note from the homework page on my class site. I wanted to add to your readersContinue reading “Fourth Grade Teacher: “I Did Away With Reading Logs””

Boulder, Colorado Schools Reserve After School for Play, not Homework

Kerry Dickinson, the Danville, California mom who helped change homework policy in her school district last year, put me in touch with Debbie Cohune, a mother of four, who recently moved to Boulder, Colorado, from Danville. To Debbie’s delight, she discovered that her children’s new schools-elementary, middle, and high–have little to no homework. Here’s whatContinue reading “Boulder, Colorado Schools Reserve After School for Play, not Homework”

England’s Newest (and Largest) School Won’t Have Homework

Nottingham East Academy, slated to open next year, will be England’s largest school with 3570 students, from nursery school to age 19. The school will have no homework, but instead will have an extra lesson a days. According to the principal-to-be, “If you ask most heads what most detentions are for, they will tell youContinue reading “England’s Newest (and Largest) School Won’t Have Homework”

Boys’ School near London, England Cuts Way Back on Homework

The Tiffin School, ranked as the 2nd best boys’ state school in England, has limited homework to 40 minutes per night–a huge drop from the four hours a night the boys had been doing. After spending two years examining its teaching and learning in class, the school concluded that much of the homework was “mechanistic”Continue reading “Boys’ School near London, England Cuts Way Back on Homework”

Baltimore School Implements Innovative Homework Policy

I came across an article about the Jemicy School in Baltimore, where homework is minimal and tailored to the needs of each student. According to, Parents often assume hours of homework lends better test scores and greater comprehension for their students, but Jemicy School of Owings Mills and Towson takes a much different stanceContinue reading “Baltimore School Implements Innovative Homework Policy”

Canadian Elementary School Bans Homework

Welcome back to Stop Homework. And what better way to start off the school year than with encouraging news from an elementary school in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, north of Toronto, which just banned homework. Among the reasons: * there is no clear link between homework and academic achievement * poor students are at a distinctContinue reading “Canadian Elementary School Bans Homework”

Guest Blogger: Victory in Toronto

Today’s guest blogger, Frank Bruni, the father of a 12-year-old seventh grader, lives in Toronto, Canada. Frank was a driving force in pushing the Toronto District School Board to review and revamp its homework policy. You can read Frank’s other guest blog entries here and here. Just Start by Frank Bruni On April 16th 2008,Continue reading “Guest Blogger: Victory in Toronto”

Hooray for Toronto, Canada

The Toronto School Board has just implemented the best homework policy I’ve seen. The policy, which will affect close to 300,000 students, focuses on quality, not quantity, suggests that homework in the early grades be limited to reading, talks at length about the value of family time, and recommends that all homework assignments be differentiated.Continue reading “Hooray for Toronto, Canada”