A Kindergarten Teacher Responds to “Kindergarten Cram”

A kindergarten teacher posted a comment that I want to make sure everyone sees. This is what s/he says: As a kindergarten teacher (don’t shoot me) policy and curriculum is not set by the teacher and many times not by the school, but by standards set by the state and federal government. I agree thatContinue reading “A Kindergarten Teacher Responds to “Kindergarten Cram””

Guest Blogger–Homework Should be Relevant, Interesting, and Personal

Today’s guest blogger, Ben Kestner, is the Middle School Principal at the Berlin Brandenburg International School, where he initially started as curriculum coordinator for the IBO Middle Years Programme. He studied flute at the London College of Music and in Berlin with Andreas Blau and after spending time playing and teaching he pursued a careerContinue reading “Guest Blogger–Homework Should be Relevant, Interesting, and Personal”

More from Yesterday’s Principal

In yesterday’s blog post, a former principal and current teacher wrote about some of the problems with homework. As we continued our email exchange, he offered more insights which I’m sharing with you today: Are we teaching or are we preparing for exams so that we can demonstrate accountability? In a knowledge based model (theContinue reading “More from Yesterday’s Principal”

From my Mailbox–A Former Principal Offers an Opinion

I got the following email from a former high school principal and current teacher who is located in British Columbia, Canada. Dear Sara, As a — past — high school principal and teacher… I have never seen the value of more than a little homework. And that ‘little’ has to be considered for its meritContinue reading “From my Mailbox–A Former Principal Offers an Opinion”

Fourth Grade Teacher: “I Did Away With Reading Logs”

A few posts ago, I wrote about the blog of Angela Bunyi, a fourth grade teacher from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Ms. Bunyi then write to me: Thanks for sharing my article under Scholastic (Homework: Applying Research to Policy) and my note from the homework page on my class site. I wanted to add to your readersContinue reading “Fourth Grade Teacher: “I Did Away With Reading Logs””

We Need More Teachers Like This Fifth Grade Teacher

I was happy to receive this email from a 5th grade teacher from Colorado: Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful book! As a parent of two middle school kids and a fifth grade teacher myself, you have provided me with much needed motivation and ammunition to make some changes in my schoolContinue reading “We Need More Teachers Like This Fifth Grade Teacher”

We Need More Teachers Like Mrs. Bunyi

I recently stumbled upon the blog of a fourth grade teacher, Angela Bunyi, who keeps homework to a minimum. She writes to the parents, “I keep homework very light so that you can honestly keep reading and writing as part of your steady diet at home. This will help me more than any worksheet IContinue reading “We Need More Teachers Like Mrs. Bunyi”

New York City Science Teacher Realizes Benefit of Downtime

A New York City science teacher recently posted a comment here about the benefits of downtime, so I wanted to see who she was. On her blog she writes: …downtime is important for students. Just as importantly, I think it extends beyond students – teachers need downtime too. Humans do. My ‘action reasearch’ this weekContinue reading “New York City Science Teacher Realizes Benefit of Downtime”