19 thoughts on “Debate editorial

  1. I am in grade 6 in Gladstone, QLD, Australia and my teacher gives us truckloads of homework daily. What can I do to make her stop?


  2. I am an A student that never has time. I am constantly doing homework and the amount of homework I recieve takes so long that by the time I go to school I am too tired to do anything but read a book, eat lunch, and fall asleep. Someone need to fix this.


  3. you all need to stop and think about what not doing homework is teaching you: no responsability, no time managment, and no way to do self dircted research, in addition to not haveing enought time to complete tasks in class


  4. homework has to stop, if not stop, then at least reduced. So many of my friends have to carry heavy bags and one slick ice, i think you can do the math.


  5. Homework is kind of accessive to a regular school day, and I agree. I don’t have time everyday to study what I just studied in school some more.


  6. homework is a waste of paper think of all the trees poor trees they need comfort and excitment in there life not killing they should be living.


  7. I’m curious. If there is no homework, are the children supposed to sit in class and read their textbooks together — which would take an entire period in middle school. When is the teacher supposed to be able to explain, reinforce, check for understanding, etc. Or, are you suggesting we get rid of textbooks?


  8. No, they are supposed to read at home. Maybe not the boring textbooks school trots out but interesting engrossing books on everything from science to literature. It’s called after school, when we parents get to call the shots and supplement what the schools are doing at home.

    After school is not homework. It’s the space in time when our children get to do self directed pursuits that find them in the basement building a train set out of leggos or hiking in a nature center to learn about bugs or catching the last show at the Air and Space museum planetarium. It’s where we get to enrich and inspire our children, spend time with them, revel in their endless curiosity, watch them play and grow, and bask in their childhood.

    Don’t need textbooks to accomplish that. The world is our stage. School should do school and families should do home.


  9. So, if experts say we learn time management from doing homework, then shouldn’t it be able to be done in school? I personally don’t even have a studyhall as I know some schools do, and am forced onto homework during every day. I read an article that says homework for math should only be 5 problems, because that is all that is needed to see if the concept is understood.


  10. To Blah: without hwk we have an opportunity to involve ourselves in music,sports,and art. what makes u think we wont have responsibility, or time management?? huh?? yeah datz rite u dont know cuzz idk who u are but kids are capable to do alot of things and with things like hwk we dont show our full potential on any of these things! yes hwk is a waste of time!! and we need to stop it!!


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