Welcome to stophomework.com, the web site of Sara Bennett, co-author of The Case Against Homework: How Homework Is Hurting Our Children and What We Can Do About It. This is the place to stay on top of homework issues, to ask me for suggestions on how to deal with homework problems, and to have discussions with other parents, students, and educators about ways to change current thinking and policies and deal with homework problems.

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. thank you so much for writing this book! i have been waiting for someone to do this science 1st grade lol! i have some questions to ask you:
    how do you plan to stop homework?

    how did you come up with writing a book of this type?

    did you talk to the state about this?

    can you inform the state of maryland of this, we need it?!

    also how may the public help?

    is this book in stores?

    thanks please respond!


  2. Thanks very much for investing so much time in the book. I’m heading into school with it to share with the teachers who care! Lots are seeing where things are falling down.

    I see a lot of the problems derive from the intense school year … 13 weeks summer vacations and hardly any breaks during the school year! It’s not mentioned in your book and I point it out as a recent imigrant from Europe, where 6-8 weeks are the norm. Did you find during the research of the book, this aspect was of concern?

    Thanks again for eloquantly putting all these important facts between two covers. I’m on the crusade!


  3. I’m a kid and I get a least 8 pages of homework a night thats 40 pages a week!!! that’s to much for me I’m falling apart and it gets worse if we only do 7 and 3 qauters of our work we get are recess taking away catholic school is the worst place in the world so every day I have to carry 25 pounds of books so I can do my homework ain’t that a shame.


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