Unique Homework Advice: The Homework Shirt

Here’s some unique advice from an associate professor of pediatrics at Saint Louis University—the homework shirt, Before-School Assignment: Find a Homework Shirt.

“What a child is wearing can really help him get in the mood to buckle down and study,� says Dr. Haller, who also is a pediatrician at SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. “There are a lot of examples in life when you dress a certain way to tackle a given task. You frequently dress formally to go to a wedding. Athletes wear uniforms to play their sport. As so many kids are on the run, putting on a special shirt to do homework is a concrete reminder that it’s time to hit the books, even if they’re sitting at their sister’s soccer game.�

Haller suggests selecting one homework shirt to wear during study sessions for the entire school year or until the child outgrows it, and washing it on the weekend. “It can be something you and your child shop for or find in her closet. Find something she likes, but won’t want to wear so much that she won’t take it off when she finishes her homework. It’s in between school clothes and play clothes and lets the child know she’s come home from school but also getting ready to do a specific task – her homework.�

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