In Hong Kong, Homework Spawns Abuse

According to an article by the German Press Agency, a father in Hong Kong was convicted of abuse this week for making his 9-year-old son walk naked through the streets for failing to do his homework. Earlier this year, also in Hong Kong, a 10-year-old boy died by suffocating inside a suitcase, where his parents had locked him after he didn’t do his homework. In that case, the father received an 18-month jail sentence and the mother received a 24-month sentence.

2 thoughts on “In Hong Kong, Homework Spawns Abuse

  1. I happen to wholeheartedly agree with those who would limit homework time. I’m a ninth grade student, who, obviously, recently began high school. As if I didn’t have enough demands on my time, what with my extracurriculars, the reading I do for pleasure, the many other things I enjoy doing, family, and the friends that are all-important to this age group, I also now have more homework than ever before. A little homework, I really dont mind, but when you have a speech you have to give the day you return from a Thanksgiving break, a project for an honors course, and other assignments, it seems like a little much. Of course, homeworks not my favorite thing to do, but when most of your courses are honors classes it generally means that you do it anyway. In middle school, I used to enjoy school. Then I had school, but I also had time for myself. Now, I’m beginning to dislike it, which is scary for me because I want to do well. Always have. I don’t really mind school so much as I do what comes after. I already go to school for 8 hours a day. 3 more isn’t going to do that much good. Theres more that I have to say, but I have homework to do. Happy Thanksgiving.


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