Parents Go Back to School To Help With Their Children’s Learning

In Kenilworth, England, eight parents just completed a six-week science course where they learned about friction, how liquids change shape and how electricity works, so that they could better help their children at home. According to an article in Kenilworth Today, one of the parents who attended the course had this to say: “”The course was initially just a chance to dust off the grey cells. I shall soon be looking to get back into the workplace so it was good to get out, meet people and, although the course was fairly basic, it improved my confidence and got me back in the mindset of learning. [My seven-year-old son] has benefitted enormously, as well. Homework is not an issue as I can help him and make it an altogether more enjoyable activity for both of us. And outside of homework it has helped him have an enquiring mind – he thinks ‘What would happen if?’ – and we try to solve problems together.”

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