High Schools in Toronto, Canada, Consider Homework Ban Before Exams

Last week, a student trustee to the Toronto, Canada, District School Board proposed placing a moratorium on homework for the five days before final exams, according to an article in The Toronto Star. The School Board’s program committee endorsed the idea and will gather feedback from students and staff before sending it to the full Board for a decision.

The principal of a high school where such a moratorium is already in place says, “The concept of a moratorium is good. You recognize kids are under a lot of stress at exams, from the incoming Grade 9s who may well have never written an exam in their life, to the senior students who are stressed about the marks they need for university. A moratorium gives students time to study and review without being burdened by extra work.”

5 thoughts on “High Schools in Toronto, Canada, Consider Homework Ban Before Exams

  1. Homeworkis an intolerable social evil. Ban it. If you Yanks ban it, it will set an example to us over here in the UK.


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