Another Palo Alto Elementary School Takes a Look at Homework

When parents at Addison Elementary School in Palo Alto, California, brought to their principal’s attention the reduction of homework at Oak Knoll Elementary in Menlo Park, the principal responded by refining its homework policy as well. According to an article in Palo Alto online, the principal stated, “”I was blindsided about the anxiety that seems to be around homework. We took a very deliberate non-reactive approach to educating ourselves and the parents about homework. Parents really want children to have a typical childhood with unstructured time to play, piano lessons, boy scouts, and family time.”

In addition, the District is also reviewing homework policy. According to the Palo Alto school district Director of Elementary Education, “We don’t want homework to be extensive in the elementary school. We also want to be sure that the assignments have a purpose, and they’re not busy work.”

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