First Monday

This coming Monday is the first Monday in April. As suggested in The Case Against Homework, and in this blog every month, I recommend that every parent send a note expressing her/his views on homework to her/his children’s teachers, administrators, or School Board members on the first Monday of every month.

As always, please let me (and the readers of this blog) know what you’ve done by clicking on “Leave a Comment.”

2 thoughts on “First Monday

  1. I am a 10th grader at A.C.H.S and we have to do a report, for my report i am deciding to write about the anti-homework movement. I believe homework severely affects children in a negative way and want to learn more, and see what i can do.


  2. Hi Conor and all other students,

    I’m hearing from lots of students these days who are doing reports on homework and I’m screening the reports for possible publication on my blog as a “guest blogger” entry. If you’re interested in having your report published, send it to me along with a short bio with your name, your grade, the location of your school, and some of your interests. If your paper doesn’t explain how homework personally affects you, please include that information in your bio as well. I don’t edit the content, although I might cut a little if it’s longer than a typical guest blog entry.


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