From the Mouth of a College Student

A student at Buena Vista University in Iowa argues eloquently that homework should not be assigned over spring break.

Beaches, warm sun, a clear blue ocean. What a way to spend spring break. Mine went a bit differently. My plans consisted of a trans-Iowa trip with plenty of time with friends and family. Unfortunately, I had a companion traveling with me; a stack of textbooks.

Here I am, wanting nothing more than to be able to just sit around and talk with friends and family, do some shopping, and not worry a bit about school. However, my professors had made other plans.

The blizzard that shut the school down for a couple of days made some serious dents in some of my class syllabi. The solution for that was to move the majority of my midterms to the week after spring break. This meant that I had to spend my spring break with notes and textbooks, studying.

I understand that we were behind, but is a break too much to ask for? It really made me glad that I passed on plans to go to California or Florida. If I hadn’t I would have had to drag a backpack of books with me. However, I gritted my teeth and dealt with it. What really irks me are the professors who assign homework, “So you aren’t bored over spring break.”

I didn’t know that it was called “spring-take-home-more-homework-and-not-have-any-time-to-actually-relax-before-summer-break.” It’s called spring break. It’s a break from school during the spring, that much should be obvious.

You can read the rest of the piece here.

One thought on “From the Mouth of a College Student

  1. My school district had a new policy on homework — for the first time in years, the “holidays” of thanksgiving and Christmas were almost homework free. However, spring break is a different story. Since there is all the high stakes testing in the spring (NCLB), homework gets assigned. That’s somewhat similar to finals.


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