Math Homework Gives Parents Anxiety

According to a survey conducted by Russell Research, nearly 3/4 (72%) of parents surveyed reported that their child has math homework on most school nights. Seven out of ten parents (71%) say that because the approach to teaching math has changed since their school days, it’s taking them more time to help their child complete his or her math homework. And, over half of the parents contacted, (54%) report that they, too, experience some stress over their child’s math homework.

One thought on “Math Homework Gives Parents Anxiety

  1. I’ve run into problems attempting to help my second grader with her homework. While I still understand it, I see the day approaching when I won’t. When I ask school administration what to do about it, they have told me to write the teacher a note explaining that my daughter didn’t know what to do rather than teaching her my methods.

    Might not work everywhere, but I was happy to hear that!


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