Canadian Teens Clock 50-Hour Work Week

According to Statistics Canada, more than 60 percent of Canadian teenagers spend, on average, 2-1/3 hours a day on homework, helping to contribute to their 50-hour week spent in school, at jobs, and on homework and housework. The

2 thoughts on “Canadian Teens Clock 50-Hour Work Week

  1. I believe that homework is necesary to the well doing of a student. As I am still in highschool, I can honestly say that this year, since I have been doing my homework, my average has increased by about 7.4 points. Sometimes, the extra practice is necessary, and I find it unfair to the students who do poorly in school, to take away homework. They need the extra work to be able to achieve whatever personal goals they have said. Eliminate homework, and you will definetly see the difference in the results children are getting on their report cards. I strongly believe that eliminating homework would be disastrous for many students.


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