From my Mailbox: Letter from a Twenty-Something

I usually receive mail from parents, students, teachers, or mental health professionals. So, I enjoyed hearing this perspective from Tammy, who gave me permission to reprint her email:

Thank you for fighting a good fight. I’m 27, I have no kids. And I feel that when I was a kid I was robbed of a decent childhood for many reasons, some personal and some scholastic. I remember stressing about Science Projects, reading boring books and solving math problems every night for homework. Do I remember any of it now? Nope. And still, even up to college, the same thing. Sure some homework does help, but the work load that is given to children is too much. Children can not be children and play and have fun and get into trouble.They’re too busy making sure their grammar is ok. I remember “Summer Reading” and things like that. Why am I reading assignments in the summer? Aren’t I suppose to be running around? I think our society is preparing children to be work slaves of the future. We forget that we are still children, just taller and older. I haven’t read your book. I saw an article about it on and it made me think of elementary school, Jr High and High school and how So much was expected of all of us growing up. Anyway, I hope people will realize this and that draining the children of their real positive energy is useless.

One thought on “From my Mailbox: Letter from a Twenty-Something

  1. I agree. As a student many years ago, I thought the homework was a complete waste of time. I was one of those students in elementary who thought that home work was your chores that you had to get done around the house and the barn and that school work should be gone at school. I recieved detention for my views.
    Even through high school I thought the same way. I didn’t do my homework very often,however, I managed very well on my exams.
    I’m glad that there’s an advocate out there to promote the “No homework” attitude.


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