On Vacation for the Summer

I am taking a vacation from blogging until September, but please remember to come back then.

I started this site last August with the hopes of keeping up a dialogue on the problems with homework. Since then, I’ve heard from hundreds, or possibly thousands, of parents, students, educators, and mental health professionals. I want to particularly thank those who have taken the time to post comments and share their experiences and the many guest bloggers who have gone even a step further.

In the fall, I plan to have a page on the website of sample letters you have sent to your children’s schools and teachers. So please send me anything you’re willing to have me post. I’ll be happy to keep your identity anonymous. And, if you have any seen any changes in homework policy this year, please let me know about that as well, either by emailing me or posting a comment.

Finally, I just finished a book that I think every elementary school teacher and every English teacher should read: The Reading Zone: How to Help Kids Become Skilled, Passionate, Habitual, Critical Readers. You might want to read it yourself and give a copy of it to your child’s teacher, along with The Case Against Homework. I can’t imagine teachers reading both those books and not revamping at least some of their homework practices.

Enjoy the summer.

2 thoughts on “On Vacation for the Summer

  1. No homework? Thats just dumb.

    No one is ever going to enjoy ALL the homework they have to do throughout their school career, but you definatly need it.

    I want homework in my classes, because with out it you’re lost. Doing practice problems absolutely help for tests, projects, whatever it may be.

    If you dont have that discipline to do work everyday, to have that work ethic of having a job and completing it, regardless if you WANT to do it, will only have positive effects.

    I’m guessing you’re not in school anymore. Take a class, take a HARD class, dont do the homework, see what your grade turns out to be. Take one of my classes, like linear systems theory. good luck.


  2. I agree with you Sara. My son has been in a private school since he was 3 yrs old. He is now 12. He has played, and is still playing competative sports. He goes to school to be with his friends, and have fun learning. The homework has become insane from grade 4 onwards. We have had such a hard time with him most evenings. I must say by the time we get home after work and sports etc. he is absolutely exhausted, and can’t even focus to learn anything more. He just loves life, sports and friends. That is the way it should be. That’s they way we want him to be. He is so loved by all. Is that not what we should spend our evenings doing. We should be spending time teaching them right from wrong and teaching them things that is not the teachers responsibility. He is average is about 70 in most subjects and some way below that. He is not mature enough to care, but, just feels bad about himself. The grade average is 85, and the school is so proud. I worry alot about my child’s future grades and success, and then I laugh. He is 12!! The pressure is huge on him. The school says don’t worry he will do better later. Through all the stress of trying to get the homework done, and do better, the worrying and pressure is, and was not worth it. I feel that when he is ready to work hard and study more he will. He is a superachiever in sports and he shines there. I am sure he will find his way. I can’t wait to buy your book and take it with me on vacation to read. I will definately comment once I read the book. Good for you Sara,. I am soooooo with you on this topic.


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