Mothers Organize Against Homework in Santiago, Chile

I recently heard from Viviana Izzo, a mother of 4 from Santiago, Chile, who, with her friend, Teresa Castro, met with their children’s small school to express their concerns about homework. Since then, a Santiago newspaper ran an article about their attempts to change homework policy, they were interviewed on TV, and they have started a blog, colegio sin tareas. If you can read Spanish, take a look at the blog. There’s a very nice summary of the problems with homework and more than 70 comments, almost all by people who don’t like homework.

3 thoughts on “Mothers Organize Against Homework in Santiago, Chile

  1. Hello,
    I need to get in touch with mothers against homework in Santiago. I am looking for a healthy school for my 10 and 4 year old sons. We live in Providencia near Ñuñoa. Let me know if you have any suggestions asap please


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