Guest Blogger: The Experts Tell Us

Today’s guest blogger, Diane Hewlett-Lowrie is the mother of a six-year-old son. Diane works in education and interpretation with the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry. She grew up in Scotland and believes in nurturing the development of the whole child. Her experience with homework to date has been that it is pointless, has no real merit and takes time away from much more valuable activities at home.

The Experts Tell Us
by Diane Hewlett-Lowrie

Eat healthy food.
Play a ball game with your family and friends.
Cook your own meals from scratch using fresh organic produce.
Don’t eat take-out food regularly; the trans-fats/sugar/carbohydrates, etc. will kill you.
Have sit-down family dinners at least four times a week; it helps communication and keeps your kids off drugs.
Allow your kids an hour every day for unstructured play and interaction with the natural world.
If you’re in first grade, get at least 11 hours of sleep so you can concentrate in school.
Cherish the time with your children while they are young. They grow up so fast.
Reduce stress in your family – enjoy some down time and relax together.
Get at least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise every day.
Read to your child for 30 minutes every night.
Get a good night’s sleep.

I’m sorry; we don’t have time to do that, WE’VE GOT HOMEWORK!”

2 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: The Experts Tell Us

  1. Go Diane!! From someone that knows Diane personally, she is doing a fabulous job raising her son and if I had children I would be following her “recipe” to the letter!


  2. oh god please stop homework. its sooo boring and there’s so much. Im in grade 8 and im failing cause i refuse to do Homework. We go to school 6 hours a day but they just send us back to do work.Iv learned more from video games based on real ars than what iv learned from school.And iv only learned one thing from homework: Homeworks sucks.


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