Seattle Middle School Teacher Suspended for Refusing to Administer WASL

According to, a Seattle middle school science teacher has been suspended for two weeks without pay for refusing to administer the Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL). The teacher, Carl Chew, who has been teaching for about eight years, said he has seen kids struggle through the test with few positive results to show for the time and effort expended.

You can read the rest of the story here and read his statement here.

4 thoughts on “Seattle Middle School Teacher Suspended for Refusing to Administer WASL

  1. I admire his courage. I know most of the teachers at my children’s school do not believe the assessments in our state are worth a hoot. They would probably all like to do just what this gentleman did, but can not afford to lose one days pay, let alone risk losing their jobs. Maybe this will get them talking though and inspire them to do something!


  2. Mary, I wish more teachers did stand up. That is what susan ohanian ( continually urges teachers to do.

    I know teachers feel very intimidated and fear losing their jobs. But there has to be strength in numbers. We keep hearing there is such a dearth of good teachers. We’ve all personally experienced that shortage. They can’t fire all of them.



  3. who says ‘worth a hoot’ any more. ok there mary, i admire your courage for saying that for people to read


  4. Nothing will improve until the government schools are abolished and genuine private competition exists for the unrich. The Indianapolis Public School system (where I live) spends as much per pupil as full tuition at the best private school in town. Richard Mitchell — The Underground Grammarian — is the essential read on the causes of school failure.


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