Guest Bloggers get Media Attention in their Own Communities

If you’re a regular visitor to Stop Homework, you know that I often write about what parents are doing in their own communities to challenge homework policies and practices or, better yet, have parents write about their experiences themselves. Many journalists visit Stop Homework to get ideas for stories, and they ask me to put them in touch with my guest bloggers. The journalists then write articles which spur more parents to take up the issue. So please remember to let me know what you’re doing.

Here are wonderful stories about guest bloggers, Frank Bruni of Toronto, Canada, and Kerry Dickinson of Danville, California, both of whom were frequent guest bloggers last year. Kerry was also featured on a local show (Click on “Parents wonder how much homework is too much” in the category sidebar) and is about to be interviewed for a piece in Parenting Magazine.

In the upcoming school year, they will keep us informed of how the new policies are working. You can read Frank Bruni’s guest blog entries here and here and here. You can read Kerry Dickinson’s guest blog entries here and here and here.

One thought on “Guest Bloggers get Media Attention in their Own Communities

  1. Thank you Sara for running this website. It is a great resource for me and because of Stop Homework the writer at Diablo Magazine found me and Julie Kurtz and wrote the piece on rethinking homework in the East Bay. Our district has rewritten an outdated homework policy, and a real dialogue has begun in our community regarding the value of homework. Without this website I don’t think this could have happened, or at least, not as quickly. All of this took place in one year. Keep up the good work Sara!


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