From a Fifth Grader–Homework Is Not That Necessary

The mother of a New York City public school student sent me this piece by her 10-year-old son.

Homework is NOT that necessary!!
by Daniel Goldstein

School work is enough. School is where you do all your learning. But home? Isn’t that the place you’re supposed to relax and have fun instead of doing 1 1/2 hours worth of homework. Most children think that it’s time for a little change. At least we could have the weekends off from homework. Please take our hope into consideration!

Please Understand!

Homework is a review of the days work and a reminder of tomorrows work. We understand how important homework is but is it completely necessary? Couldn’t we get a sheet just to help, but with no work on it. Homework can also be helpful for studying for tests, but can’t we use our regular school work?

We need a break! Now is the time!

With much hope,
Daniel Goldstein

(PS: We could spend “homework hour” playing outside and getting some exercise!!)

31 thoughts on “From a Fifth Grader–Homework Is Not That Necessary

  1. ha ha! i’m writing a paper on why homework is not necessary, and this is no help at all D; it’s funny, though. very cute. 1 or 2 hours isn’t that bad! i’m up until midnight doing MY homework (though i AM in junior high…) but still cute KAWAII!!!


  2. i agree that hw is not a good thing but i can think of a better reason that we should exercise… i get like 3 hours of homework every day, plus i have to play bass and piano omg


  3. ok this was no help
    i have to do an essay if homework is a good thing or a bad thing and i went on this page hoping that i would get a lot of information but all i get is “From a Fifth Grader–Homework Is Not That Necessary”
    more information please…

    “(PS: We could spend “homework hour” playing outside and getting some exercise!!)”



  4. Shabalaba-

    It was written by a fifth grader, honey. It’s not a source that you could cite in a paper, except as evidence from the ground. And as far as the first comment, he may have a hard time in high school, but college will be like a breath of fresh air. Sure, you may have a ton of outside work, bur you’re only in class less than twenty hours a week, often much less. That’s an incredibly significant difference that the ‘pile it on in high school’ crowd seems to miss.


  5. Shabalaba writes:

    i have to do an essay if homework is a good thing or a bad thing and i went on this page hoping that i would get a lot of information but all i get is “From a Fifth Grader–Homework Is Not That Necessary”
    more information please…


    Shabalaba, if what you are looking for is data and research to bolster your case, there are plenty of resources out there. Fortunately, we have authoritative voices and research on homework now, something we didn’t quite have a decade ago. Oddly, the more research we get against homework (for example, elementary homework is largely a huge waste of time), the more schools pile it on. Ironic that an educational institution designed to teach students about intellectual inquiry and how to search for information would so blatantly ignore valid research when it does not fit their agenda.

    Scroll to the top of the page and click on “Quick Facts about Homework.” While you’re up there, click on Sara Bennett’s book, “The Case Against Homework” just beneath her photo.

    Then go to Alfie Kohn’s website for information on his book on this subject, “The Homework Myth.”

    This should get you started. Be sure to cite Harris Cooper’s research. He’s the one who has found that elementary homework is a waste of time, something we parents who have already been through the mill know from first hand anecdotal evidence.

    We know here that children would be better off cultivating their love of reading in the afternoon, rather than slaving over pointless worksheets, designed more to fill out the teacher’s gradebook than to facilitate real learning and discovery. You’d learn more if you spent the afternoon at a nature center. You’d have fun, fresh air and exercise, to boot!


  6. if it is made an arduous ask for students, they wil seek other ways of fullfilling the’obligation’. mere copying sums or paragraphs from text books will never benefit students. it will be like killing time. instead, homework should be creative and fun, which motivates children to do it and sheds off ‘burden’ tag from the same.


  7. Homework is unecessary. We do all the work in school! Why should we have to do homework! It puts pressure and stress on kids. Its also a wazte of 1 1/2 hours of our lives! I rest my case.


  8. I think school is unessacary. We dont have to go to school! But to get educated we will just go to college! We dont need school from k-12!


  9. i totally agree with this article this kid wrote. school work is enough. we are in the building for six, seven, or even eight hours. we have plenty of time at school do to this. don’t teachers understand we have better and more important things to do? plus homework just gets in the way and is a real weight. kids need a break! homework should be banned


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