From One High School Student to High School Students Everywhere: Let’s Stop the Stress

A few weeks ago, I posted a guest entry by high school student, Alexandra Keehan, who formed a Stunt the Stress club and website at her school. Alexandra is now trying to galvanize students everywhere. I sent out the following email to students who have contacted me or posted comments here. Please pass along Alexandra’s email to any students you think will be interested:

Let’s Stop the Stress
by Alexandra Keehan

My name is Alexandra Keehan, a senior in high school.

Sophmore year of high school was the hardest school year I had gone through yet and prompted me to start a Stunt the Stress club and web site.

The goal is to motivate students to make a change. One way to do that is through working with our educators. School stress can be relieved if we can enlighten and negotiate with teachers. As they say, “the wheel that squeaks gets the grease.”

Another important part in overcoming stress is to have the tools and resources to combat it. Believe it or not there are teachers, parents, and other adults helping our cause. By creating a network and sharing information be can better the situation and find support.

I believe if we work together we can make a difference. If you want to spread stress awareness and be part of the stress-free movement then email me, visit, and stay in contact with Sara.


Alexandra Keehan

One thought on “From One High School Student to High School Students Everywhere: Let’s Stop the Stress

  1. This is from today’s New York Times opinion page:

    To the Editor:

    Cheating is a symptom of a larger problem. The educational system needs to be completely rethought, and rethought by educators, not policy makers.

    For students today, the pressure to perform is phenomenal. Homework is a crushing, inappropriate waste of time and energy. Getting into college is a nerve-wracking, often heartbreaking experience. Standardized tests miss the point, and basically succeed only in creating income for testing companies.

    Cheating is a form of coping with an impossible situation.

    What if we had spent all the war money on rebuilding our education system to accommodate the differing needs of all of our children?

    Nicolynn Green
    Chevy Chase, Md., Oct. 13, 2008

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!


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