Candidate for School Board runs on Reduced-Homework Platform

Nick Caumanns, an independent running for the Surrey School Board near Vancouver, Canada, is running on a platform that excessive homework is detrimental. According to, Caumanns, who has seen his own three children struggle with too much homework, argues that too much homework can have negative effects on student health, family life and fitness. “It’s an extension of the school day and particularly when the homework is graded it sort of moves the classroom into your home and they don’t get a break from what they do all day. If we sent our kids to hockey school and for five or six hours they did pushups and skated, when they came home we wouldn’t send them out to the driveway to take shots or go for a run.”

I wish Caumanns a lot of luck, I hope he wins, and I hope he inspires other parents to run for their School Boards.

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