First Monday

This Monday, November 3, is the first Monday of the month. As I suggest every month in this blog, I hope you’ll send a note expressing your thoughts about homework to your children’s teachers or, perhaps, to a school administrator or School Board member. Even better, join with a few friends and send a collective note. Ask for a public discussion of the problem. Ask the school to be responsive. If you need help in formulating a note, look in The Case Against Homework for some examples, or see the kinds of notes parents have been writing by browsing Moms (and Dads) on a Mission on this blog. If you do send a note, please post a comment and send me a copy of your letter. And if you get a response from the teacher or school, please let us know that as well.

3 thoughts on “First Monday

  1. I wrote a note to my daughter’s teacher. A couple week’s ago she was not finished her homework (she gets a duo-tang with various worksheets to do that are all due at the end of the week). She had dictee (spelling lists) to study, a novel study they were working to also complete, and the homework. In my note I didn’t get into my perception that homework is a waste of time. I just simply said we needed a lighter load. Interestingly enough my daughter told me later that there was only one student in the class who finished the homework that week – so there were a few others that also felt they needed a lighter load! The teacher’s note back basically said, “Nope. They need to learn to handle it all and balance these requirements.” I didn’t respond back…..but this week the class didn’t get the duo-tang full of more worksheets because soon the novel study is due….so maybe my request did have an impact! I can only hope.


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