A Tenth Grader Speaks Out

I am a grade ten high school student and I usually make sure to try my best to do my homework and give it a good effort. I still have to say, the amount is RIDICULOUS! I wish my parents were just as supportive as many of you.

Research has proved that repetitive questions, ones that make up quite a large percentage of our daily homework, only make children forget the formula/method etc. they are supposed to be learning.

And wasn’t the ORIGINAL meaning of homework supposed to be “Work assigned in class that the student did not complete”, not “Work assigned purposely just to go home and waste all our free time”?

The school boards keep telling us that gym class is very important, but we still need to get physical activity after school. Then they tell us that we need to spend time with family. THEN they say that we need to care about our hygiene and shower/bathe/get washed daily. How do they expect us to do all that AND still get free time?

It’s just not fair.

5 thoughts on “A Tenth Grader Speaks Out

  1. Aaron:

    Go for it. Here’s your fist assignment. Write me a five page persuasive essay supporting your position on homework. I want to see a strong thesis, a report free of mechanical, grammatical typing and spelling errors, well documented and researched with full bibliography (a minimum of ten entries. Don’t forget to quote our esteemed Sara Bennett).

    Can you have it by next Tuesday? See me after class if you need an extension. I’m not heartless!

    I”m actually a really good teacher. My assignments are fun and challenging. You should have a blast with this.


  2. Here’s your FIRST assignment. Ooops, my typo. I would have caught it but I stared out the window for a moment, the sun was blazing and it blinded me.

    Ooooh, I used alliteration there. Love alliteration. Which reminds me, Aaron, use some alliteration in your essay. Can’t wait to see it!

    Remember, I’m never one to water down a curriculum and I’ll challenge anyone who tells me my daughter will grow up lazy, unmotivated and dim if she isn’t saddled with homework all afternoon, evening, weekends, holidays, summer.. I just want much more to get done at school (no excuses the day isn’t long enough because if you’ve wasted six hours, what tells me you wouldn’t waste eight if you got it), eliminate the fluff and test prep and don’t send home repetition, my daughter got it the first time.


  3. Here here, fellow tenth grader.
    And heaven forbid if, along with exercise and family time and showers, you do music or drama or community service–which we’re expected to do if we want to be ‘well-rounded!’ >_<


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