Teachers in British Columbia, Canada, Seek Ban on Homework Until Grade 4

According to an article in The Province, the president of the British Columbia Teachers Federation says that school kids should not be given any homework until Grade 4 at the earliest. “I’m not in favour of abolishing homework, but I do think we need to consider very carefully the age of children,” she said. “Certainly in the primary years [kindergarten to Grade 3] we shouldn’t be having kids have homework.”

6 thoughts on “Teachers in British Columbia, Canada, Seek Ban on Homework Until Grade 4

  1. Wow! I’m a BC parent, and I’m thrilled by this quote. Will have to send the link to my elementary school principal.


  2. As a teacher and parent I agree that homework should be banned. My own children have had numerous homework assignments in grade 4 -7. Some are time consuming worksheets on grammar and spelling. Other assignments are make work projects for parents. Most of the work is expected to be done at home. There are costumes to make, music to find as well as writing research assignments. There is an expectation that work be done ver Winter and Spring Breaks. Our weekends are often ruined by these projects. We don’t have time as a family to walk along the beach or go for a bike ride. Most of the teachers do not have children of their own. I can’t wait till their children bring home these assignments.


  3. Anne, several of my daughter’s elementary teachers were older and their kids were grown. They clearly had no concept of the toll homework overload was taking on families. The other camp was young teachers who were childless. It was only the ones with children my daughter’s age, at any given point in her K-12 journey, who understood. Sometimes vaguely, most times all we got was a little sympathy and an extra day, but at least they had some notion of the ordeal.


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