A K-8 Principal Speaks Out

A principal of a K-8 school in New Brunswick, Canada, recently posted the following comment:

I am a principal on the east coast of Canada. A large k-8 school of 800 kids. We are revisiting our homework policy/procedures to ensure that we have an equitable system in our school. We are aiming to have no homework, based on much research.

Read Alfie Kohn: The Homework Myth.


Homework is just one more structure to keep the marginalized down.

Schools can do a better job teaching. And parents could assist with spending their energy in to just “being” with their children: talking, dreaming, playing, etc.

My two cents.

2 thoughts on “A K-8 Principal Speaks Out

  1. How much of my soul would I be willing to sell to hear a principal say this?

    “Read Alfie Kohn: The Homework Myth.


    It’s that sharp Canadian air.

    I read it. I loved it. And that and fifty cents won’t even get me on the subway anymore.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to reach our principal. I don’ have much time. My daughter is wrapping up her junior year.


  2. The way we do homework is wrong. As noted in my latest book, “My name is Johny” – see web site, we should be developing the identity of the child through the homework asignment and adding classroom discussion, group solving skills and the development of self-capabilities rather than simple practicing on learning exercises.


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