Spring Branch, Texas, School Board Implements a New, Improved Homework Policy

On this blog last spring, I posted an interview with Mike Falick, a School Board member from Spring Branch, Texas (Houston), who had made homework his priority. Now, at the start of the school year, Spring Branch has implemented a new homework policy which, among other things, has teachers working together to coordinate their workflows, states that no homework will be given over holidays, and provides that each school has a consistent homework grading policy and provides differentiated homework, depending on the students’ needs. You can read about it here.

3 thoughts on “Spring Branch, Texas, School Board Implements a New, Improved Homework Policy

  1. I’m skeptical (no surprise there!) People generally resist change, and the teachers will certainly resist change that demands more of their time (differentiated homework.) My guess is that not much will come of these recommendations.


  2. @FedUpMom,

    One of the reasons that we (teachers) are resistant to change is because it has reached a point of ridiculousness. We have been told that we should be individualizing for every student based on their needs. I asked if that meant that I should have 45 individual, different, slightly tweaked activities every day since I have 45 students over the course of the day. The reply was something along the lines of, “Well…yes…I suppose that is what we are asking you to do.” I think the person giving us the talk realized the craziness of the idea, but was too far committed to it to take it back.


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