Moms (and Dads) on a Mission – Race to Nowhere

Race to Nowhere, a documentary which looks at the fast-paced, high-stress lives of many of today’s students, is premiering on Saturday, October 10, at the Mill Valley Film Festival. I’ve written about the film before because I’m an Advisor to the film, I appear in the film, I fully support the film, and I think it’s the perfect tool for either starting, or supplementing, a conversation in your community about the numerous problems facing today’s youth.

If you live near Mill Valley, California, you should try to see the film either at Saturday’s premier or on October 18. If you don’t live near Mill Valley, you can view the trailer here. And you can listen to the filmmaker, Vicki Abeles, talk about the movie on BAM! Radio.

I also highly recommend you contact Vicki and set up a screening. Tell her I told you about the film.

2 thoughts on “Moms (and Dads) on a Mission – Race to Nowhere

  1. This looks like a wonderful film. I pre-ordered a copy of it. In a perfect world, this movie would take off, around the country, and blow the dialogue about our current trends with children wide open! I am going to remain cautiously optimistic that this will occur. I have been so disappointed with the public elementary school experience for my children. I simply cannot imagine enduring the joyless, wonderless, task mastering, test strategizing blather, all the way through high school. I pray that this film will have an impact, and that more people will speak up.


  2. I saw the premiere tonight in Mill Valley. Wonderful film. Much to think about. I have been hearing about how our entire educational system is “broken” since my 3rd grader started school. But I don’t hear about what is being done about it.


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