Rebellious Compliance

Alfie Kohn, the author of The Homework Myth, sent me the homework of the nine-year-old son of a friend, who was required to put the weekly list of spelling words into sentences:

1. I am sooooo aggravated about my homework situation that I can’t think of anymore sentences.
2. I want to decline this homework so badly.
3. I despise my homework situation.
4. My homework situation is disturbing me.
5. My second encounter with homework is sickening.
6. I wasn’t to establish an anti-paper club, A.P. for short.
7. I want to forbid homework after 8:00 p.m.

5 thoughts on “Rebellious Compliance

  1. I wonder…if homework given to an 8 year old, is clearly done by a parent, what does the teacher do if it’s wrong? If it actually gets looked at at all, what does the teacher do with a child who hands in homework done by a parent. Would he/she actually engage in a conversation with the child about the homework?

    They can’t punish a child for doing something incorrectly, if the child didn’t do it in the first place.

    I’d like to hear from a teacher on what they would do in this circumstance.


  2. The latest vocab assignment my 4th grader is given every Thurs. is to put all of the vocabulary words in one paragraph. Last week, five of her words were days of the week (which she knew how to spell back in 1st grade, I think). Maybe we should’ve used, “On Monday, I hated homework. On Tuesday, I hated homework even more!!”


  3. Most days when I get to school I’m exausted, and can’t do any work. But it is always because I had 15 pages of Math the night before . And Math is my worst subject, so I have 1 question why can’t they just teach that to us in class with only a few examples, and maybe do a few on a recycled piece of paper? And my friends ask to go somewhere and I always have to say no, and that makes me miss out on what will be someday be a great memorie.


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