Another School With an Opt-Out Policy

I am always looking for schools that have homework opt-out policies, but they seem to be few and far between. Last November, I posted a link to a school in Australia with an opt-out policy.

A reader who has been trying to get opt-out policies at her children’s Alberta schools recently sent me a link to an Alberta school with an opt-out policy.

It reads:

St. Andrew’s School staff and school council spent considerable time reviewing homework. The dialogue was in depth and revealed many ideas and points of view both with staff and with parents.

As a school community, we came to the following understanding. Parents are the prime educators for their children, and as such have important responsibilities as to the personal and educational growth of their children. Thus parents must decide what is in the best interest of their children in regards to home work.

Home work will continue to be offered by the school. The homework will be created with the express intent of supporting student learning. Should a parent wish to limit or eliminate homework for a child they are invited by teachers to meet to identify the level of homework that will be done at home.

Students are not to be penalized in any fashion for this parental choice. Student responsibility for assigned activities that can be completed in class will remain.

2 thoughts on “Another School With an Opt-Out Policy

  1. Wow–I hadn’t even thought of an “opt out” policy. Fantastic idea! This would solve the issue of squeaky-wheel “the more the better” parents overshadowing what often is a silent majority of folks who know instinctively that less HW is better but are afraid to whine, rock the boat, or position their children as somehow inadequate. And it sends a great message of shared (teacher-parent) responsibility and decision making. Thanks for the info!


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