A Glimmer of Hope

I was heartened to read the Comment posted by a teacher in response to the piece I ran two weeks ago, The Trouble With Kindergarten.

I want you all to know that there are corners of hope for early child­hood education. I teach kindergarten at a charter school in San Diego CA: the San Diego Cooperative Charter. We believe that chil­dren learn best through a partnership between parents and educa­tors. My students learn through play and exploration, as children were designed to do. My job is to know each of them well enough to be able to structure learning experiences that will best meet their needs. Just as in the main stream kindergartens I’ve experienced, some of them read and write at the end of the school year, and some of them do not, but they all love school, have learned to negotiate and get along with their classmates, and are excited about learning. Our curriculum is the CA state standards, but our day is filled with blocks, guinea pigs, singing, gardening, clay, rain­forests, outer space, dress up, swings, stories, drawing, and ques­tions.

Our school, which serves children in grades K through 8th, was started by parents and educators who saw how children were being short changed by the typical public schools. It was hard work, but oh so fulfilling. If you want a better learning experience for your child, and ALL the children, find out what you can do to create alternatives. You’ll be glad you did.

One thought on “A Glimmer of Hope

  1. My daughter is a child at the school mentioned above and I cannot tell you how thrilled we are with it, with both Kinder teachers, and with the school’s philosophy of learning. When our eldest came of age, we looked around at our options and were dismayed. My Aunt (a school facilitator) warned us off of our neighborhood school as she had worked there in the past and — at the elementary level! — had to deal with students bringing weapons onto campus.

    SDCCS is warm, nurturing, attentive to the individual needs of the student and deeply integrated with the parents. It’s a beautiful thing to find schools like this, especially in this day and age. My youngest starts school there in the fall and I look forward to her spending the year with Ms. Morgan, being artfully supported in her learning, tending the on-site garden, building relationships and growing in such an amazing school. All for free.

    Thank goodness for Charters.


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