A Teenager Speaks Out – Teens Need More Sleep

I came across this nicely written piece by a teenager in his local newspaper, The Estacada News.

Zzz…Teenagers need more sleep
School board should consider late start for high school, junior high students

It is time for the Estacada School District to switch the school starting time of the high school and junior high schools with that of the grade schools. Today’s teens are sleep-deprived.

There are many studies that clearly show that teens need more sleep that they are getting. I believe that the junior high and high school classes should begin later in the morning to help solve this problem.

At present, classes for high school and junior high school students begin at 7:45 a.m., and grade school classes begin at 9:05 a.m. I would like to propose switching these two times. My reasons: Teenagers have more homework, more extra-curricular activities and require more sleep than younger children. This change would give the older students the extra time for the sleep they need to succeed.

Read the rest of the piece here.

4 thoughts on “A Teenager Speaks Out – Teens Need More Sleep

  1. This is just one more example of how common sense didn’t prevail. Most young kids need to be in bed early and yes, they have less homework (hopefully) and less after school stuff and can get in bed and get up and to school by 8 without feeling exhausted and tired. And, for parents who have to leave for work, it solves the problem in the mornings for individuals who have a difficult time rearranging their schedules to accommodate child care in the morning sometimes find themselves in a jam. Child care in the evening for children is a bit easier because of so many place who handle young children in groups in the early afternoon

    Where as most junior high and high school students are capable of preparing for school and could sleep a bit more in the mornings, get to school, participate in school and extra activities and still have time at home to actually see the other people in the house. And, I know the naysayers will say that if they go to school late they will just do activities later into the night and it defeats the purpose. But, the thing is, on game days, those games can’t be played 8 in the morning, and with a late start on the school day, students can get the extra rest they need eve it means they go to bed a little later. It’s not all about sleep need but sleep cycles and when a teenagers body responds to sleep hormones.

    Stepping off my soapbox now as I’ve yet to get out of bed and I am not a teenager….ahhhhh sleep, precious sleep


  2. I would love that school beascue I would only have to learn things I want to know more about, but since I don’t like many classes that are important for my life, I will not get a good job when I am an adult. I would be really happy not to have homework beascue I would have more free time and more time to read, be with my family and my friends and many things like these that make me happy. Without grades my opinion is that it will be much better beascue we will not have to worry so much about our parents getting mad at us if we get a bad grade, or worrying about if we are going to get a good grade… I would love that school even though it might be better if we wouldn’t be able to choose or we were only aloud to choose some classes that aren’t as important for your life like other classes (for exmple we might be able to choose if we take: PE, Music, DT, Art, Drama and some other classes like these, yet the ones we would HAVE to do would be: Math, science, Humanities/English and some other classes like these ones). Many children would want to go there and this school would b very famous. I would loooooove to go there


  3. After a few weeks of being in 7th grade the workload dramatically increased. It started of easy and then all of a sudden I was slammed with hours and hours of homework. I have tests and quizes every week to study for. Chapters to read and quates to copy. Journal entrys, free writes, science outlines, math worksheets galore. I hate my life, I hate my teachers, I hate my school. This is not fare. And I know that I have it easy compared to high schoolers. But I still I have a right to complaining. I hate Bush’s no child left behind act and my rotten sexist gym teacher.


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