5 thoughts on “Students Cheat on Homework at MIT

  1. I remember watching my fellow high school classmates cheat (not that I never cheated – I did my share in 10th grade geometry). Quite often they were the high achieving sort, the 4.0+ GPA students who joined National Honor Society, attended ivy leagues, etc. I remember thinking even then, “This is all just a game.” I do believe that the current system does promote “playing the game” over true learning. An unfortunate and disappointing loss!


  2. An interesting study, but it begs the question: did the students fail _because_ they were cheating? I.e. had they done the homework, would they have passed the class?
    From my personal experience, people who do homework for a class often do so because they enjoy the subject (and are good at it). Though I am not familiar with the details of this particular study, from what I’ve read it seems the researchers may have gotten the correlation backwards: is it that doing the homework makes for better students, or that better students correlates with greater effort on homework? My two cents.
    – A high schooler


  3. I guess in my case, I was the one doing the cheating. I told my bofnrieyd all the time I was cheating on him but he never believed me. I was only cheating with one guy (who is now my husband). But is it really cheating if I kept telling him I wanted to date other people? Your the only one who can judge your relationship. In my case, I was young and I am so glad I got out of the relationship because he was abusive. Use your gut it’s usually right.


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