Two New York Schools Drop Standardized Testing for Pre-Schooler Admissions

Pre-school applicants to New York City private schools have long had to take a standardized test used for screening purposes. Now, two schools have dropped the requirement, in part because many parents are prepping their young children and in part because the test isn’t a useful admissions’ criteria. Steve Nelson, the head of the Calhoun school, told the New York Times that he was skeptical that a test could accurately measure a 4-year-old’s intelligence. “Even worse is the emphasis that is placed on the test that creates a culture of frenetic overachievement.” Another private school admissions director stated that she had “significant concerns about how the test has been corrupted with the widespread prepping and the availability of testing materials online.” Sound familiar?

One thought on “Two New York Schools Drop Standardized Testing for Pre-Schooler Admissions

  1. A propos of parents prepping their four-year-olds for pre-school: Remember what Pink Floyd said? “Hey, teacher. Leave them kids alone!” Well, parents, leave them kids alone!

    I don’t know how it happened, but my 21-year-old son — who used to be such a layabout — is now really sad that he got a “B” in one of his college courses. I want him to do well; I want him to learn. But when I consider all the pressure that parents put on their kids from the age of four to achieve, I am encouraging him not to worry about a less than perfect grade.


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