Please Help Each Other

It’s the start of another school year and, as always, I’m getting a flood of emails asking for help. However, I’m no longer running Stop Homework.

But this website still gets plenty of traffic.

So if you write about whatever’s on your mind in the Comments, I’m sure many of the faithful readers of Stop Homework will happily provide their advice, ideas, and suggestions.

60 thoughts on “Please Help Each Other

  1. I have a friend who might have to switch schools because she can’t handle the homework load. She had been at a very small grade school, but in high school it’s much bigger classes, more teachers, and a hell of a lot more homework. Even for her classmates without learning disabilities it’s at least two hours per night, but my friend has so much trouble completing homework that she hasn’t been able to hang out with friends or even go to the park with her little sisters at all.
    Is there anything I might be able to tell the administration that might help her? The teachers are will to accommodate and even modify, but the administration is not.


  2. Not having homework or having it in a lot more creative way would make my studies much much better.
    It takes so much time it’s hard to consentrate on anything else but studying.
    For now whenever I get a tough assignement, I order it and just enjoy my life)
    Anyway, more creativity in HW would be perfect)


  3. As a high school student in the central United States I would like to bring to the attention of some of the citizens of this nation that our teaching system is flawed. As a student whom can easily learn things in certain ways, I have found many tactics myself for retaining information. But what I have found that my teachers like to do is not to assign their students homework, but tend to give us busy work. Which is something that has particullarly made me have a disinterest in multiple subjects simply due to the repetitiveness of assigned work. I am making this point not in a way to call out the educational systems but to let them know that if a student doesn’t learn by repetition and monotony, it can snub the spark that the student once held for a subject that they may have had a sincere interest in. Dissapprovingly, the American Student


  4. Should kids have homework?

    ARGHH!!! TOO MUCH HOMEWORK!!! Have you ever said that word before? Have you ever heard someone said that before? I believe that when people hear that sentence they would probably run away, of course, TOO MUCH HOMEWORK!!! Do you want to kick homework out of this world? YES! I believe so too, students should not even have a little dot of homework! It will increase stress levels of students and they will not panic to go to school. It won’t get kids staying up late and not have enough sleep, there will be more playtime for the student to socialize with others. I strongly believe students should not have homework so they can be stress-free.

    Students happy and want to go to school? What? Are you mad?
    That’s impossible. Well, it can be possible only if schools stop giving out homework! It will not make students think about it during school time so they can concentrate more on the school activities. After school, students can communicate with others and the won’t be lonely. DO you want your kids to be lonely? Parents? Well, the answer is probably an NO so what are you waiting for? Go tell the principal!!

    I shouldn’t be telling you this but according to, “59325 students in the whole world killed themselves because of all the stress on homework.” The stress can make kids grumpy and don’t want to go to school. Stress can make students hate to go to schools and want to destroy schools and when they’re older, they will have a bad future because of all the stress stored in the student’s mind for many of years. As they get older, they will be very busy, you might be thinking, as they are older they can protect stress. Yes, it’s true but doesn’t the amount of homework increase? Yes, so it’s actually very dangerous for kids to have homework although it sounds like a really small problem.

    WOW! This school starts at 6:30 AM! How’s that possible? The students won’t get enough sleep! But they did! How’s that? The students got to bed at 8:00 PM! Because they have NO homework and they had exactly 9 hours of sleep! Now I know that for kids that are small, It’s hard to adjust them but nowadays, technology has improved and there are applications that are for students to sleep. All this little work for BIG improvements like better scores on tests, more interest in learning, good grades and much more. They will get active and will not get sick of waking up in the morning. The students health will also be good because they had enough sleep, they will also lose weight and grow tall. Sleeping is important, because, during sleep, important body functions and brain activity occur. Skipping sleep can be harmful.

    Schools should not have homework because of stress, sleepiness, and being alone. If there are no homework nothing of these would happen. Students will be joyful, happy and have a good night dream. They will feel freedom. Think about it, seeing everyone happy, no robbery and lots of friends? That’s an awesome world! There will be a big and great future.


  5. Homework makes me have anxiety, especially when you have multiple classes, all different teachers gives you homework. They don’t care about no one else work but you to do their assignment. It stresses me out and I believe all other students feel the same way. Especially, the more advance ones, too. Homework doesn’t really make me learned any better but to lower down my grades quickly. I think we all should learned the necessary education. School is about learning the reality of this world not about what’s written in books by someone who also went to school & probably was stressed about homework, too.


  6. I am so overwhelmed with this HW situation!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a 11 year old son that I adore and his academic issues started around 2nd grade. He has develop this horrible anxiety, sored of of depression, lost motivation! and all thanks to COMMON CORE and all this ridiculous homework. Don’t get me wrong, I want him to study and be somebody, but please someone needs to understand that they are kids and need their time to be KIDS!

    Even parents are loosing that close relationship on spending time with their kids because we come home tired and stressed out and then we have to deal with all these homeworks and feel sad seen our kids crying and frustrated DEALING WITH ALL THESE STUPID FORMULAS that instead of 2+2=4 they have to deal with all these strategies!! That’s fine, its awesome to learn but do it in class! Give us back our family time and our KIDS! IS IT FAIR? Is it fair?!!

    Even teachers feel bad seen these kids struggle in class, I know teachers they have quit their jobs because its brokenhearted!

    I want my son to be the kid from before, not the kid that I gotten to a point that I have to seek psychological help due to all this stress! And sadly but lastly now he doesn’t want to go to school! STOP THIS ALREADY! Enough its enough!!!


  7. I’m a grade 8 student of Hadley Jr High ( and every year more and more homework piles up, my anxiety levels are through the roof, I can’t deal with this, things just get harder and harder, I want my time after school to be my time the fleeting moments skip away, and my mind jumps to dark places often.


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    If you look into details and reviews you would find that is extremely professional.


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