Guest Blogger: Don’t Let Play Disappear Says School Psychologist

Today’s guest blogger is Nini Engel, a school psychologist for almost twenty years in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area. Nini, a mother of three daughters, ages 21, 18, and 13, became a homework reduction advocate four years ago when her middle daughter’s new high school assigned upwards of 4 hours of homework per night. The lastContinue reading “Guest Blogger: Don’t Let Play Disappear Says School Psychologist”

For $99 a Month, Students Get Math, English, and Science Tutoring from a Network of Teacher in India

According to an article on Newser, tutoring has been outsourced to India. For $99 a month, students can get unlimited help with English, math, or science from TutorVista, a network of Indian teachers. Demand for the service is so high that the company is hiring 1,500 more teachers in the coming weeks.

Teacher: Thanks for the Test Scores!

I stumbled across Accomplished California Teachers, a new teacher leadership network for the state of California, which is housed under the umbrella of the School of Education at Stanford University. Every time I read something by a disgruntled teacher (or parent), I wonder why it’s so hard to get education on the right track. DearContinue reading “Teacher: Thanks for the Test Scores!”

Letter to the Editor from a Piano Teacher

As Quebec debates a new report recommending eliminating elementary school homework, a piano teacher wrote the following letter to the editor of the Ottawa Citizen. To the Editor From a piano teacher So here we are again, discussing the same issue that has been brought up countless times. A few years ago, I wrote aContinue reading “Letter to the Editor from a Piano Teacher”

Introducing… Guest Host for the Week, FedupMom

I’ve given FedUpMom, who has written several guest entries in the past, free rein to speak her mind for the next week here on stophomework. If you’d like that opportunity, too, please email me. FedUpMom attained her FedUp status through the experiences of her older daughter at the local nominally high-performing public school. Currently, bothContinue reading “Introducing… Guest Host for the Week, FedupMom”