High School Teachers in One California School District Don’t Want to Coordinate Assignments

Seventy eight percent of high school teachers in the Las Virgenes Unified School District in California admitted in a recent survey that they don’t see any need to coordinate their assignments, according to an article in The Acorn, Teachers Sound Off in Homework Study. Moreover, “53 percent don’t want to consider other department’s ‘major unitContinue reading “High School Teachers in One California School District Don’t Want to Coordinate Assignments”

Send me your questions and your success stories

Are you frustrated with the nightly homework routine? Are you wondering whether a particular assignment is worth your child’s time? Are you thinking about saying something to your child’s teacher, but don’t know what? Do you want to get together with other parents and make some changes at your child’s school? These questions, and manyContinue reading “Send me your questions and your success stories”

Some Boston area high schools cut back on summer homework

Realizing that high school students need a break from school work over the summer, three Boston area high schools have severely limited the amount of work teachers can assign, according to an article in The Boston Globe, Summer plans: Fewer pencils, fewer books. For the second summer in a row, teachers at Needham High aren’tContinue reading “Some Boston area high schools cut back on summer homework”

Forums Up and Running

One of the purposes of stophomework.com is to provide a place for parents, educators, psychologists, students, and anyone else who’s interested to discuss homework. Concerned about homework overload? Think assignments are a waste of time? Tired of “family” homework projects? Wondering how to approach teachers or school administrators? Want to change your school’s or SchoolContinue reading “Forums Up and Running”

They call this kindergarten….

No more blocks, dress-up areas, show and tell time, naps, or recess for kindergarteners in an East New York Charter School says The New York Times (In Kindergarten Playtime, a New Meaning for “Play”) (subscription required). While the mission of the school is to close the achievement gap, the children who attend this school missContinue reading “They call this kindergarten….”