A Parent Speaks Out – Arlington, Virginia

I received an email from a parent of two high schoolers in Arlington, Virginia, where she articulated the problem with schools that never seek feedback from either students or parents. She wrote: I recently read the book Cure Unknown on the Lyme epidemic and was struck by a quote from Jonas Salk. He talks aboutContinue reading “A Parent Speaks Out – Arlington, Virginia”

Heritage Academy Christian School’s Homework Policy

I was thrilled to see that the Heritage Academy Christian School in Los Altos, California, suggests that their parents read this blog and highlights some of my posts. The School’s homework policy states: HOMEWORK POLICY Elementary school children need family time and play time at home. In the upper grades, homework may include nightly reading,Continue reading “Heritage Academy Christian School’s Homework Policy”

Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen Calls for End to Homework in Elementary School

(Welcome back and thank you so very much for your generous donations to Stop Homework) Over a decade ago, the economist and Nobel Prize winner, Amartya Sen, formed the Partichi trust to examine the issues of primary education and health in India. Last month, he released the Partichi Education Report II, which recommended ending homeworkContinue reading “Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen Calls for End to Homework in Elementary School”

New Feature–Stop Homework Urtak

(I’ll be back in 2010. Have a wonderful holiday and please don’t forget to put Stop Homework on your holiday giving list. It’s really important for the future of this project. Read how to give a donation here.) I have just added a nifty feature called Urtak to my sidebar. It’s a collaborative polling tool,Continue reading “New Feature–Stop Homework Urtak”

How to Have a Homework-Reduced 2010

If you’re hoping that 2010 will be a better school year, homework-wise, why not give your child’s teacher a copy of The Case Against Homework: How Homework Is Hurting Our Children and What We Can Do About It? If s/he reads it over the holiday break, s/he just might return with a new, informed, andContinue reading “How to Have a Homework-Reduced 2010”

Even More from Fed-Up Mom

This is the sixth post by FedUp Mom, the mother of a fifth grader. FedUp Mom’s daughter used to attend a public school in suburban Philadelphia, but this year FedUp Mom moved her to a private Quaker school, hoping for a more relaxed environment. You can read her other posts here, here, here, here andContinue reading “Even More from Fed-Up Mom”