Needham High School Parents’ Thoughts on Homework

I’ve written about Needham, Massachusetts, high school in this blog before (here and here) and last spring I posted an interview with the outgoing principal, Paul Richards, who had taken numerous steps to reduce stress at the school. In June, the school released the results of its homework survey of parents. A question on theContinue reading “Needham High School Parents’ Thoughts on Homework”

Hooray (again) for Canada – Simcoe County District in Ontario Implements Decent New Homework Policy

In April, I wrote about a school in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, which, after eliminating most homework, found that students were more engaged and less tired and teachers were more focused. Now, the County District in which that school is located, Simcoe, just instituted a new district-wide homework policy. Some of the things that I particularlyContinue reading “Hooray (again) for Canada – Simcoe County District in Ontario Implements Decent New Homework Policy”

Moms (and Dads) on a Mission – More from Halifax, Nova Scotia

Today’s guest blogger, the mother of a second grader, lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She holds a masters degree in psychology and works full time doing psychometric testing of adults. She has written two previous entries here and here. Why Homework Doesn’t Work by Psych Mom I’ve become a believer in the last year thatContinue reading “Moms (and Dads) on a Mission – More from Halifax, Nova Scotia”

First Monday (Advocacy is an Ongoing Process)

This coming Monday, November 2, is the first Monday of the month. As I suggest every month in this blog, I hope you’ll send a note expressing your thoughts about homework to your children’s teachers or, perhaps, to a school administrator or School Board member. Even better, join with a few friends and send aContinue reading “First Monday (Advocacy is an Ongoing Process)”

“Mr. Homework” Does More Rethinking

I’ve written here before about Washington Post reporter, Jay Mathews, who calls himself “Mr. Homework.” In August, 2008, he did an about-face and called for an end to homework for elementary school students. A few days ago, he wrote a Washington Post column, “Is Homework Necessary,” where he wonders whether his faith in homework forContinue reading ““Mr. Homework” Does More Rethinking”

Operation Daddy to the Rescue – Los Angeles

Today’s “Dad on a Mission” is Rafael Ortiz, the father of a 7-year-old second grader in a public elementary school in Los Angeles. Ortiz, who has a B.S. in Kinesiology, takes things into his own hands when his daughter’s teachers don’t respond to his homework concerns. Operation Daddy to the Rescue by Rafael Ortiz SinceContinue reading “Operation Daddy to the Rescue – Los Angeles”

Success – Parent’s Advocacy Makes a Difference in Denver, North Carolina

About a month ago, Deidra Hewitt, who lives in Denver, North Carolina, where she has two children in a public elementary school, wrote about how the school required her to sign off on her children’s homework more than 400 times a year. Today, she writes about what happened after she wrote to the school SuperintendentContinue reading “Success – Parent’s Advocacy Makes a Difference in Denver, North Carolina”

Guest Blogger – Experiences in Homeschooling

Today’s guest blogger, Tracy Stevens, is a former high school Spanish teacher who infrequently gave project-based homework to her students. She wrote here last year about her son’s difficult experience in first grade in a public school and her decision to have him repeat the year at a Waldorf school. This year, she decided toContinue reading “Guest Blogger – Experiences in Homeschooling”

Moms (and Dads) on a Mission – Suburban Chicago

Today’s guest blogger, Mary Sullivan, is a freelancer writer and mother to two fifth graders and a seventh grader in suburban Chicago. I tracked her down after she posted a Comment linking to her webpage, Too Much Homework, and I asked her to write about what motivated her to post her own page. Too MuchContinue reading “Moms (and Dads) on a Mission – Suburban Chicago”