Homework helps parents develop “good nagging habits”

A parent from British Columbia, Canada, Chris Corrigan, has issued a call for a Great Canadian Homework Ban, according to an article in the National Post of Canada, and his online campaign is stirring up support from like-minded parents across Canada. “The whole evening centres around this mad dash to get the homework done — and then everyone’s mad at each other. It cuts into family time and it really sours the night,” says Amanda Cockshutt, a New Brunswick parent who started a campaign to reduce the homework load at her children’s elementary school.

Concerns about homework are also being raised by Canadian educators. According to the National Post article, Linda Cameron, a curriculum expert at the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education in Toronto, says she is growing increasingly concerned about the escalating levels of homework given to Canadian schoolchildren at ever-younger ages. “There is no research that I have found that extended homework has any real positive benefit for the young child,” says Prof. Cameron, who specializes in early childhood education. “Teachers are concerned, and parents are concerned about it.”

…Banning homework, or at least curtailing the demands, is a very real issue for Ms. Cockshutt, who says homework was a minor annoyance when she only had one child in school, but the burden is crushing now that her children, ages six, eight and 11, are all bringing it home. “I’m all into learning,” says Ms. Cockshutt, who runs a biotech firm, occasionally teaches at a university, and whose husband teaches at the university. “But it’s the copying out of a sentence or, ‘Here’s an extra page of math.’ “You work till 5 and you try to make dinner. Then they’re tired and they don’t want to do it and you think, ‘Boy, is it worth this?’ They say it develops good study habits, but all it seems to do is help me develop good nagging habits. I nag them to do it.”

Read the entire article, Parents rebelling against homework.

One thought on “Homework helps parents develop “good nagging habits”

  1. I would absutly have to agree. My six year old brings home at least an hour and a half home, and my entire evening is split from nagging her to do her homework and trying to potty train her brother. It’s not fair that our kids dont get to be kids in the eveing time because all they have time for is dinner and homework, and you have to keep them up late just to bath them, so the next day there too tired for school let alone homework after school.


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