Praise for The Case Against Homework from California State University Associate Professor of Education

Yesterday, I got the nicest note from Stephen D. Aloia, an associate professor of education at California State University, Fullerton. I interviewed Aloia for the book, so his comments, reprinted with his permission, are especially gratifying:

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your book, The Case Against Homework. As a professor of special education and more importantly, a parent of five children – four of them out of high school and one still fighting the homework curse, let me say that your book was a breath of fresh air! I have made your book required reading in one of my university graduate level classes… (somewhat ironic that my homework for the class is to read why homework should not be given)… however, these are teachers and they are the ones who need to realize not only how homework destroys the family, but also how they can help in the fight to reduce homework or to ban it all together! Your insights are tempered by the passion that only a parent can know after years of fighting the good fight… All five of my children have been honor-roll students and scholar-athletes and homework made their lives so painful… not to speak of how schooling itself was often an obstacle to education. I recommend The Case Against Homework to every parent, teacher, and especially, every school administrator! Keep up the good work!
Stephen D. Aloia, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Education
California State University, Fullerton

Aloia also has a great opinion piece in this week’s North County Times, More Homework Please

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