Canadian Parents Not Equipped to Help With Homework

According to a recent poll conducted by Statistics Canada and the Canadian Counsel on Learning, 62 percent of parents don’t have the necessary knowledge to help their children with homework. As reported in The Globe and Mail (registration required), the president of the Canadian Council on Learning stated, “There is a knowledge gap and it’s an expected knowledge gap, because…the disciplines change over time.”

6 thoughts on “Canadian Parents Not Equipped to Help With Homework

  1. I agree, i am a student and I dont think my parents understand my homework,and neither do I witch makes it even harder for me to finish on time then i get put in detention because I cant get my homework finished on time,because i cant get help from my parents because in their school years they wernt saposed to learn what im learning in grade 8 until grade 11 and both my parents only made it to grade 10,now im not aloud in eny after school activities because im not “respossible” anough to handle it.


  2. Dear Anonymoous:

    Perhaps you miss the irony. It seems that 6 hours of formal schooling per day cannot even address what some people consider the basics – spelling. However, given advances in technology, I would prefer students who can think rather than those who can spell.


    Thanks for your courage to post your comments on a public website. Please keep up the conversation, in spite of Anonymous’ comments. BTW, is Anonymous a real name, or should it be AnyMouse?


  3. I think the no homework thing is a great idea because tons of ppl have better things to do even if it is some R&R time kids need that. I know I do. It is also a bad idea because if kids need do do homework to review then it an be helpful.


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