Scotland Schoolchildren are Getting Too Much Help with Homework

According to an article in, schoolchildren in Scotland are losing the ability to learn for themselves because they are getting too much help with homework from their parents.

The vice-chancellor of Strathclyde University says that schoolwork has become “seriously debased” because students aren’t doing it for themselves. The development manager of the Scottish Parent Teacher Council also reports that many parents go too far when helping their children with their homework: “The real impact of parents doing homework is that their kids become de-skilled and don’t learn how to do it for themselves.” And, a professor from Glasgow University’s education department concludes from his research that 20 per cent of parents provide way too much homework help. “I do not think it is a massive problem, but it is happening. What parents need to do is to give their children direction to help them solve the question themselves, because if they just give them the answer the child is not learning anything.”

At the university level, plagiarism has become a serious problem.

Read the entire article here.

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