Senior Dad Revisits Homework

In the last two weeks, Stan Goldberg, a podcaster from the Bay Area who is better known as Senior Dad has interviewed two parents involved in trying to change homework policy in their communities, Amanda Cockshutt and Tracy Mason.

Amanda, who wrote a guest blog entry last June, and whose letter to a local newspaper I posted last May, is an incredibly articulate speaker. It’s worth taking the time to listen to her interview. She talks eloquently about the problems with homework, how she has approached the school, and some of the practices that have been changed as a result of her advocacy.

Recently, I’ve been following Tracy’s organizing efforts in San Marino, California, here and here. You can hear Tracy, who is also very articulate, speak for herself here.

Last year, Senior Dad did a four-part series on homework, where he interviewed Alfie Kohn, John Buell, Harris Cooper, and me. And here’s a very recent interview I did with Christina Lemmey of wonder years radio. Christina is the mother of 2 girls, ages 10 and 5, and their school experiences have formed the basis for her podcast.

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