Tune in on Thursday to All Day Web-a-Thon on School Reform

The American Sports Institute is creating a new, ground-breaking, wellness-based school (The Arete School) in Marin County, California, and, to support its efforts, there will be an all-day streaming telethon on the internet on Thursday, February 28. The event will feature leading sports figures and educators discussing topics ranging from school reform to the keysContinue reading “Tune in on Thursday to All Day Web-a-Thon on School Reform”

Senior Dad Revisits Homework

In the last two weeks, Stan Goldberg, a podcaster from the Bay Area who is better known as Senior Dad has interviewed two parents involved in trying to change homework policy in their communities, Amanda Cockshutt and Tracy Mason. Amanda, who wrote a guest blog entry last June, and whose letter to a local newspaperContinue reading “Senior Dad Revisits Homework”