Tune in on Thursday to All Day Web-a-Thon on School Reform

The American Sports Institute is creating a new, ground-breaking, wellness-based school (The Arete School) in Marin County, California, and, to support its efforts, there will be an all-day streaming telethon on the internet on Thursday, February 28. The event will feature leading sports figures and educators discussing topics ranging from school reform to the keys to athletic and academic success.

“The problems plaguing America’s public-school system are well documented, yet solutions remain frustratingly elusive,” says Dr. Joel Kirsch, president of the American Sports Institute. “Despite a powerful, natural desire to learn inherent in all children, the vast majority of our nation’s students are disengaged in their academic classes. In addition, too many students are unhealthy and unfit, with childhood overweight and obesity at near-crises levels. We’ve developed a new way for educators to connect with students that is being validated by current research, and is grounded in the perspectives of great figures throughout history and in ancient Greek culture. This learning process has positively impacted students from all major demographic groups.”

Most of the guests, including me, are interviewed for 20-30 minute segments. Some of the other educators and education guests are William Damon and Denise Pope of Stanford University, Charles Hillman of the University of Illinois, Fernando Gómez-Pinilla of UCLA, John Ratey of Harvard, Alex Filippenko and Stephen Miller of UC Berkeley, David Shernoff of Northern Illinois University, Brian Storts of the San Francisco Art Institute, California State Senator Tom Torlakson, Marshall Smith of The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, three moms representing Vallecito Elementary School in San Rafael, California, three advanced-placement students and their parents representing Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley, California, three San Francisco Bay Area students, and futurist Alvin Toffler, author of Future Shock and The Third Wave.

The Web-a-Thon will be webcast beginning 8:00 a.m., Pacific Standard Time, on February 28, via the following website addresses:

KGO-TV: abc7news.com
KGO-Radio: kgoam810.com
San Francisco Chronicle: sfgate.com

All of the segments are archived here.

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