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Coming up on Monday…. I’ll be a guest on Dr. Dan Gottlieb’s radio show, Voices in the Family at 12 noon EST on WHYY, Philadelphia’s NPR-affiliate. In 2006, I posted a few pieces that Dr. Gottlieb had written for the Philadelphia Inquirer and I’m a big fan of everything he’s written. I can’t wait to get to talk to him in person. If you get a chance, tune in.

5 thoughts on “On the Radio

  1. WHYY! I interviewed there several times and almost got hired as a news reporter/ documentary producer/writer in a previous life. Great outfit. Can’t wait to hear the interview. I have friends in Philly, now with children just like me, and I’ll alert them.


  2. hola ..
    I fully support you with stophomework
    well I am a 7th grade student and these are my homework:

    5 sheets of ejecicios mathematicians (I took about 6 hours)

    1 task of science (2 hours)

    study for social sciences

    total losses are 8 hours on a Sunday ……..( imagine what it is …. study week 8 am to 4 pm and after work ….

    apology for the typos, but I speak Spanish ……


  3. I just listened to the podcast and I recommend it highly. Kudos to Sara!

    I was really distressed to hear the ADHD “expert” repeating the same old bromides about “regular scheduled time, make sure you’ve got all the materials …” Please. Like we haven’t all heard that 80 billion times already? And once again, it makes the most powerless people accountable for the work imposed from above.

    I was also not thrilled with the expert who is once again promoting a longer school year. Let’s use the time we have wisely first. A longer school year filled with the nonsense we have now wouldn’t help anyone.


  4. Loved the interview Sara.

    I agree with the comment about the typical ADHD advice which really puts the work on the parents and doesn’t focus on the specific child’s needs.

    My thought is that if ALL students had the opportunity to have IEPs (individualized education plans) then homework that was given would be (ideally) specific to that child’s needs. Any homework or test prep that can be cheated on is NOT GOOD HOMEWORK because it is not individualized or well thought out.

    I’m a big fan of project based learning and student portfolios that show progress (or lack of) throughout the school year.


  5. Hi, im in the 6th grade and dont like homwork. Most kids hate homework because it sorta has that kind of rep. Im not saying i like it, but maybe we should tone it down. every day i am carrying home 5 2-3inch thick hardcover books + an binder + notebooks+ silent reading books. I have science and history every other day, math every day, reading every day. and writing every day. i have homework in each of those catergories. I get the point of homework, to enforce the stuuf we learn that day, but if they want to enforce it, shouldnt we just do problems in books? in math, i do problems in books an dstuff i dont finish is homework, which is good. I personally think homework is a waste of time becuase we could be doing other activites. i have sports every day from 530 to 900 execpt on mondays and weekends, and i really dont have time for homework. and for the people that say were just too lazy, we have way more homework than kids did our ages when they were kids (for adults). i hate having to carry home every book, considering i am only 4’5. All im saying is just a little less homework. Well, i have to go now and do some homework before my mom yells at me.


    Nina, the homework hater.


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